​​​​​​* Importex Apparels Ltd is a leading multinational apparel sourcing company with headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh, One of the fastest growing regions for garment exports in the world.

* Key highlights of the company’s history and development include:

- Founded in 2007 in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a garment buying house
- Recorded double digit growth in turnover from 2007-2015
- Employs over 50 people worldwide
- Started producing Sweater and t-shirts but now produces a wide array of garments and styles are to provide customers with a quality service at competitive prices …. Consistently.

* Importex Apparels Ltd's Core Values

:: Importex Apparels Ltd is apparel sourcing specialist company with office in Dhaka and chittagong Bangladesh.
:: Importex Apparels Ltd caters a diverse customer base both interims of garment requirement and geographic location.
:: Importex Apparels Ltd provides a range of products types and styles with a strong focus on knit woven and sweater items.
:: Importex Apparels Ltd’s sourcing base is primarily concentrated in Bangladesh, one of the largest and fastest growing garment exporting regions in the

:: Importex Apparels Ltd’s long tenure in Bangladesh garments market has enabled it to establish strong relationship with the vast majority of leading factories in Bangladesh and others low- cost suppliers in Asia.
:: Utilizing all the above strength, Importex Apparels Ltd will be able to provide you with a quality services at a competitive price…….. Consistently.
A key indicator of our customer satisfaction is our customer relation rate which indicates over the last 5 years over 95% of our customers has maintained or increased their business with us of this share, over 90% have increased their order volume with us.